Virginia has had her poems published in various publications, both digital and paper. She also puts one of her poems in each of her monthly e-bulletins. 

We’re in the process of putting the poems up here. Keep checking – there will be more from time to time.

We invite you to have a look at these websites which have some of Virginia's poems, often with accompanying images:

      'Land/lord' in the Journal of Post Colonial Writinghttp://www.tandfonline.com/eprint/YJwXXXexVjKkkmZRFHMn/full

'The Old Oak' has been published at The Ekphrastic Review: writing and art on art and writing: ekphrastic.net/the-ekphrastic-review/the-old-oak-by-virginia-lowe

'Aylan Kurdi' has been published at Right Now: Human rights in Australiahttp://rightnow.org.au/poetry/aylan-kurdi/

At Australian Children's Poetry:

Silver Birch Press has published a number of Virginia's poems including 'Twenty-Eight Boxes' in their When I Moved Poetry and Prose Series (below and at Twenty-Eight Boxes Silver Birch Press). Her other Silver Birch Press poems appear here: silverbirchpress.wordpress.com/?s=virginia+lowe

porch pic 2

Twenty-Eight Boxes

by Virginia Lowe

John had already left
our rural city
for his new job in Melbourne.
I waited with the toddler
and my parents
in the empty house.
Everything packed
and ready to go
Food, nappies
Nothing was left

A moving van
pulls up outside
Driven five hundred miles
from Melbourne
and overnighted
somewhere I presume
Right on time, but so small

Two jolly giants bounced in
ready to begin
Their faces dropped
as they surveyed
our possessions
They could clearly see
that as we feared
the furniture, the crockery
clothing and ornaments
just would not fit

Turned away shaking their heads
We knew no one could have
That many books!
But John, a librarian, had
just moved his library
to a new building
he knew exactly
and had filled it out
on the form

Two double beds
One sofa, one dining table
one cot, one washing machine
So it went on
And our two book collections
together made up
only twenty-eight boxfuls

they set off back to Melbourne
to return two days later
While we set to unpacking
the bedding, the food
the nappies
To survive living
another two days
in a packed up house.

Four poems have been published in the anthology Poetry Without Borders ed. Anna Trowbridge, including this one:

Words and Birds

A queue of curious pelicans

A cue of queueious pelicans

The English language

Never ceases

To amaze

And amuse


Mother counted twenty four

swans and pelicans

on Lake Colac once

when I was a child

in the days

when the lake

was full